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Re<----->Membering: Your body calling you in

It’s been a while since I’ve written, and today I’m coming into this after a full hour of Warm Yin Yoga, sippin’ on Lavendar Chamomile tea, and listening to Corinne Bailey Rae. You feel me? I am relaxed and feelin’ my body in a joyful way.

And so friend, sis, fam, and e’erbody -- I feel the need to remind you to take time, make time, and reserve time to listen to your body. It’s talking to you daily and by the second and white supremacy wants you to remain disconnected from it and disconnected from the places, spaces, and people that bring it peace (ease). White supremacy brings disease. It has historically and it continues to today, to not only people of color, but to white bodies also.

I could go on for hours providing you with proven science and research, lecturing you from my “mom” tone, or sharing stories of how racism and oppression manifest in poor well-being (mentally, physically, and spiritually). However, I’m going to assume that you already know this and just needed a reminder to kick your ass into proactively doing something about it.

So, let’s re←----->member, reconnect with the members of our body!

Let’s begin with an assessment. Answer these questions:

  • How are you faring on the porcelain throne lately? (aka do you have poop problems)

  • Do you experience tightness and constriction in your body regularly, if so, where? (consider chest, shoulders, stomach, hips, and neck)

  • Do you experience high swings of mood and/or energy that are concerning and don’t feel “normal” for you? Can you trace it to a pattern by journaling your symptoms?

  • Pause and take 5 deep breaths. What do you notice? Do you breathe with ease? Where does your breath carry to? Does it hurt to breathe deeply? Does it feel good to breathe deeply?

  • Look at your hands. Appreciate what they do for you each day. What do your hands need to feel appreciated?

  • Bring your attention to your spine, relax your shoulder, and close your eyes. Do a scan of the top of your head all the way down to the tip of the tailbone. Do you have any areas of stiffness, pain, pressure, or excessive curving? Wiggle it out if you need to.

  • Ask yourself, your body; “What needs caring for?”

I’m not a trained physician, therapist, or medical professional. I am though hoping this quick body assessment has allowed you to connect with your body and brought forth some areas you can focus your attention on. Maybe like myself, you don’t necessarily know how to name the unwell feeling you’re experiencing in your body. You just feel “off”, “sick”, or “unwell” and you don’t know why. Or maybe you know there is something not right and have been procrastinating seeing a professional to get it checked out. Please don’t ignore your body signals. It knows you better than most, and it is designed to signal to you when help is needed.

You have to believe you are worthy of caring for your body. If you continue to not care for your body, you are neglecting yourself. And, this very much is a symptom of internalized racial oppression that many of us suffer from. When you are not operating from self-love, it is easy to disconnect from your body until it forces you to pay attention (which is often a bit too late). SO --- if you call yourself an anti-racist --- anti-racist actions can and should be caring for your body. Healing over hustling. Rest as resistance. Prioritizing your peace!

If you need a little help, check out and learn about my online course that will bring you closer to your body through self-love!

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