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Just like you, we do not want to be limited to what we can do. We enjoy being creative and collaborating, as long as it aligns with our mission and vision. What we know we do well, is facilitate learning spaces and conversations, provide individual and group coaching, and consult with organizations; all towards the transformation of self, systems, and communities to be brave, transformative anti-racist leaders. Don't hesitate to contact us to chat about your specific needs and discover ways we can work together. 

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Tracy is an amazing and gifted healer and facilitator. This course was a blessing, not only for the way in which she created a safe and loving space for everyone to share their stories, but also for the way in which Tracy shared about her own experiences. She has a loving, non-judgmental approach to talking about difficult topics. I looked forward to the workshop each time!.

— Celina Martinez, Writer/Educator


Humble and Brave is one of the best workshops for white antiracist leaders I have ever participated in. Tracy Myers holds white people capable and able of finding their place as co-laborers working with Black, Indigenous and People of Color towards a world where all can thrive. She models vulnerability, authenticity, and compassion as a facilitator and guides her participants with insightful questions to reflect deeply in order to grow and change. I highly recommend Tracy as a facilitator/coach and the Humble & Brave workshop to white people who are looking for guidance in how to be a more effective white antiracist leader.

— Jody Rutherford, Coach/Educator

Anti-Racist Leadership Coaching

Awaken that fierce and brave in you to lead powerfully, creating the transformation for yourSELF and your work. Coaching sessions are specific to your goals as an anti-racist leader. We will assess where you are at, and where you want to go. You will be guided and uplifted, and encouraged to lean into your natural gifts and talents. The reality is, most leadership models are based on White men. Through this journey, we will be interrogating your relationship with whiteness, decolonizing your practices, and learning culturally responsive ways of being. Let me be clear. I am not your typical business coach. We will be going deep below the surface so we can really uncover what is holding you back. We will be facing your insecurities and acknowledging your past, which means this will be an emotional and vulnerable journey. I also will be holding you accountable. This may sound challenging and uncomfortable, and it will be, but it will all be done lovingly. This is how we get to be a brave, transformative anti-racist leader. Let's chat so we can see if we're a good fit and review the coaching agreement and terms. Coaching sessions are $150/hour.

Leaders of Color Thrive Coaching Program 

Middle Waters is on a mission to help 100 leaders of color (any industry, and leadership is not defined by titles) go from marginalization/overwhelmed/discouraged to unapologetically leading powerfully within the next 3 years. Leaders of Color, committed to anti-racism, are the key to ending institutional and structural racism. Leaders of Color are underrepresented, marginalized, and lack support systems in their organizations. This coaching program is dedicated to the thrival of Leaders of Color and their wellness. You will go from: - Feeling disempowered to stepping into your most powerful self at work - Overwhelmed to rejuvenated by clarity in your purpose and gifts - Discouraged to hopefulness through the breaking of negative mindsets and choosing yourself, love, and joy - Unwell to prioritizing your wellness and knowing your worth How does it work: - 6 coaching sessions, so that you stay committed to your personal journey towards thrival. - Each session is individualized so that we stay focused on your uniqueness (your identity, lived experience, and personal goals). -We follow the Rooted In Self-Love framework of reflecting, healing, and reclaiming so that you develop a practice and understanding of self-love as the source that generates abundance, wellness, and liberation. - You also have 4 months of access to monthly group coaching calls with other Leaders of Color in the program to connect and learn with, but most importantly get motivated and inspired! - Coaching sessions are virtual for your convenience and comfort. Be comfortable and join from anywhere. Use the contact form below to learn more and begin the journey. The program cost is $1839.

Brave Anti-Racist Leadership (Humble & Brave) Seminar 

Be humble. Be brave. These are characteristics that go against the white norm of individualism, power, and authority. If you want to be an anti-racist leader, embracing these characteristics in your leadership is a must. In this session, we will lay some foundational knowledge around whiteness and anti-racism. We will dive deeper into the self and participants will spend time on how fears, insecurities, and shame/guilt, prevent us from developing our racial consciousness and specifically stop us from interrupting and acting when facing racism. We will be doing self-reflection, small group conversation, and for brave volunteers, live interactive group sharing. In 2-hour session, we will: -Learn what is anti-racist leadership and co-create what that looks like within organizations -Define and discuss whiteness/white supremacy culture and its antidotes -Identify blind spots that are holding you back from being brave In 6-hour session, we will do the above and: -Recognize how your actions or lack thereof are speaking about your anti-racist leadership -Practice discerning between your collusion with whiteness or anti-racist leadership -Learn to use your power, position, and privilege daily to raise racial equity -Explore fear, fatigue, and disbelief and how opening to vulnerability is your way into powerful leadership. -Understanding how to build trust and relationships with those racially different than you, including how to repair harm. *Note: This seminar has evolved to be for diverse racial groups, however, its original format was for white affinity spaces with more content specific to being a white anti-racist leader and can be facilitated for this purpose.

Anti-Racist Leadership in Education (2-day training)

This seminar is specific to educators and educator leaders seeking to get whole staff alignment and commitment to being an anti-racist school. This seminar begins with using your school or district data to get grounded in why anti-racist schools and leadership are needed in education. We proceed with taking each participant on their own journey by identifying their socialization around race and relationship to whiteness. Continuing the self-reflective work, participants will unpack their educational experience and how it shaped their racial identity and beliefs about race and racism and influenced the way they show up as educators. Applying that learning, each individual will investigate their reasoning for engaging in anti-racist work or avoiding it. We then get clear on what anti-racist schools look like and achieve. We will discuss and co-create clear actionable goals that everyone can work towards. We spend significant time learning about white supremacy cultural characteristics and collectively review where it operates in your school(s). Finally, but most importantly, we will deep dive into how fears, insecurities, shame, and guilt, prevent us from developing our racial consciousness and specifically stop us from interrupting and acting when facing racism. Each person will be able to identify their personal blockages and how they plan to overcome them. *Note: This can be tailored to meet your specific needs (timeframe and specific content).

Transformative Leadership from Self-Love (90 minutes - 2 hours)

Self-love is the power source for leading transformation and breaking systems of oppression. Facing our internalized oppression, and our past ways of being "othered", we will reclaim our truths and bloom in our beautiful purpose. This is a short, yet powerful, interactive workshop involving reflection, vulnerability, and community.

Rooted In Self-Love: Liberation for Sustained Transformation (for BIPOC leaders)

The daily experience of being Black and Brown in America is filled with messages overtly and covertly of being less than white people. We are told by society: we are not enough, powerless, not worthy, and an endless list of dehumanizing messages. For many reasons, we may not recognize, or take time to understand, our own acceptance of these beliefs as a result of internalized racial oppression. This workshop will uplift and guide you towards a liberated mindset that invigorates you to lead powerfully in your purpose, with your gifts, and as your authentic self. In this session, you will unpack the ways your lived experiences have developed into self-deprecating stories that hinder you in leading bravely as an antiracist leader. You will reconnect with the power within you and reclaim loving yourSELF so that through love, you can sustain braving through the battles as a racial equity WARRIOR! The time is now. Our community needs us to keep standing strong against systemic racism. This is why we must remove our armor momentarily to reflect, heal, and power up. Stress, trauma, and emotional fatigue, affect our health deeply (both physically and mentally). You must make time for YOU and be in spaces that nourish and fill you up. You are not alone. Together, in this workshop, we will focus on healing in a loving community. You will have a transformative experience and get clear on steps you can take to have a breakthrough in your anti-racist leadership.


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Disclaimer: By participating in/reading my coaching service/website/blog/email series, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist or health care professional and my services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals. Coaching is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. I will at all times exercise my best professional efforts, skills and care. However, I cannot guarantee the outcome of coaching efforts and/or recommendations on my website/blog/email series and my comments about the outcome are expressions of opinion only. I cannot make any guarantees other than to deliver the services purchased as described. 

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