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Leaders of Color Thrive Coaching Program

Coaching package for Leaders of Color - 6 (1 hr) Sessions $1839

  • 1 hour
  • Online

Service Description

Middle Waters is on a mission to help 100 leaders of color (any industry, and leadership is not defined by titles) go from marginalization/overwhelmed/discouraged to unapologetically leading powerfully within the next 3 years. Leaders of Color, committed to anti-racism, are the key to ending institutional and structural racism. Leaders of Color are underrepresented, marginalized, and lack support systems in their organizations. This coaching program is dedicated to the thrival of Leaders of Color and their wellness. You will go from: - Feeling disempowered to stepping into your most powerful self at work - Overwhelmed to rejuvenated by clarity in your purpose and gifts - Discouraged to hopefulness through the breaking of negative mindsets and choosing yourself, love, and joy - Unwell to prioritizing your wellness and knowing your worth How does it work: - 6 coaching sessions, so that you stay committed to your personal journey towards thrival. - Each session is individualized so that we stay focused on your uniqueness (your identity, lived experience, and personal goals). -We follow the Rooted In Self-Love framework of reflecting, healing, and reclaiming so that you develop a practice and understanding of self-love as the source that generates abundance, wellness, and liberation. - You also have 4 months of access to monthly group coaching calls with other Leaders of Color in the program to connect and learn with, but most importantly get motivated and inspired! - Coaching sessions are virtual for your convenience and comfort. Be comfortable and join from anywhere. Note: When you click book now, you will choose the date of your first session. When booking, you will become a member and receive a login which you will use to book your remaining sessions.

Don't see a session that fits your schedule, send us an message to let us know you're interested in attending this course in the future.

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