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A letter to myself...(maybe you need it too!)

Your existence matters.

That growing fear of failure is being fed by your past rejections, failed relationships, and lost friendships. Breathe in the power of your growth through each of these moments. You’ve committed to work greater than you, loved harder after hardship, and given yourself to friendships that are more authentic and supportive.

That growing fear of invisibility is being fed by all the times you’ve been spoken over, interrupted, mansplained, whitesplained, shushed, ignored, and passed over in jobs you were most qualified for. You’re forgetting all the times you’ve demanded to be seen. The times you’ve raised your hand and have been the only courageous person in the room to speak up about the harmful behaviors of the systems on people. The times your stories moved and inspired individuals to take bold action.

That growing fear of smallness is being fed by envy and is a result of racism and sexism. People have made you feel small. They’ve questioned you throughout every step of life. DO NOT let them dim your light. Stop comparing yourself to others. Cheer for them and keep creating your own path. You care so deeply about changing the world, be content with the grandness that exists within changing the world’s of humans you intersect life with. You must accept you will never know your legacy while living. You envy white male-defined success. That success was never meant for you. STOP reaching for it!

Remember these successful milestones: saving young lives in distress; hundreds of families having shelter, food, and care; youth in foster care believing they deserve a future, birthing life 3 times, making your parents and family proud, choosing your health over wealth, being in a 20-year relationship, raising loving and caring children, and pursuing your dreams even when they change.

That is enough. You are enough. DO NOT let these fears consume and stop you. You are powerful and come from the collective strength of all your ancestors. Resistance will grow with your rise to self-leadership authentically. Deflect it and stay centered in your purpose. You are capable of redefining your world and those who will thrive in it. Choose you, BE YOU, and let’s GO!

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