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In Her Honor

Today is International Women’s Day and I couldn’t let the day go by without honoring the women who I owe my life to. These women, although many, including themselves, would not acknowledge them as leaders, they are. In fact, my best leadership qualities are when I’m embodying their spirit of aloha and ohana.

To my mother, Estrellita, our guiding star, I am so loved by you. Your love for family, people, and the world has fueled my own desire to make it a better place for children everywhere. When I catch myself carrying people’s trash to the garbage, washing dishes in another person’s home, cooking food for someone sick, and offering to help a friend in need, I know that I’m being you and I’m proud. I believe the most important role I have in life is as a mother and raising my children to feel the love and support you continue to give me. You are the embrace that always heals my soul, the advice that I don’t want to hear but need to, and my forever home in which I will always feel safe.

In her honor, I will always choose love and service.

To my sister, Vanessa, our unicorn-butterfly, I am inspired by you. I don’t think I know anyone in the world more selfless than you. And we know, I can be selfish - - at times. You also have taught me to explore my own desires, talents, and passions in life. You are a creative genius, with so much talent, and I love how you share that with your daughter and the world. You also have taught me what it means to truly support someone in their choices and beliefs, to not judge them for it, and continue to still love them. I have been shaped by our conversations and continue to learn from them. You are the shoulder I lean on to hold me up during the most challenging times in life.

In her honor, I will seek understanding and refrain from judgment.

To my daughter, Aiyana, my eternal flower, I am transformed by you. You have taught me the biggest lessons in life - the lessons about myself and who I want to be NOW. Through your compassion, empathy, and desire to love all creatures, I have needed to see the world through your eyes. You have shown me how much there is to appreciate. From the tiny dots of dew on a leaf in photos you capture, to the science mice from class that you saved, to the savory taste of a new meal, you are present to life in all places. You loving your “flaws”, embracing your identity, and speaking your truth, is who I strive to be. You are the echo of my soul, my love embodied, and my promise to live life fully.

In her honor, I will be present and prioritize self-love.

How will you honor the women in your life that have shaped who you are? I want to know their names. Put them in the comments and let’s honor these powerful women together.

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1 Comment

Lita-Don Myers
Lita-Don Myers
Mar 10, 2023

Tracy. When I say that you are beautiful, I am saying that you are beautiful in your heart and soul. Any mother would be proud to see her daughter become a loving, caring and giving woman. I am so proud of you and your vision to make the world a better place. And, that starts at home with family, friends and extend to all those people you touch with your wonderous spirit. You honor me by just being you! Love you, Mom

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