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Humble & Brave

For White Anti-Racist Leaders

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  • 399 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Be humble. Be brave. These are characteristics that go against the white norm of individualism, power and authority. If you want to be an anti-racist leader, embracing these characteristics in your leadership will prevent you from falling into the trap of white saviorism. Communities of color do NOT need white saviors. They do NOT need you to lead them. They do NOT need you to speak for them. What is needed: -You joining in the breaking down of structural racism -You speaking with other white people to raise racial consciousness and demand change -You reflecting and acknowledging your racist thinking, believing, and acting -You being willing to let go of pride, power, and privilege Let's acknowledge, you have taken action towards being an anti-racist leader, and yet there are some actions or lack of actions that have caused you to question if you're doing all that you can. You don't know what you don't know and have some blind spots that are holding you back in being transformative in your anti-racist leadership. Maybe once again you witnessed your colleagues of color leave your organization. What could you have done to contribute to the organization being a place that appreciated, valued, and accepted them authentically? Have you taken the time to identify what you're afraid of? Do you have trusting and mutual relationships with people who identify as Black, Indigenous, persons of color (BIPOC)? Or are these relationships only in the workplace or transactional? These are questions we will be answering in this workshop. This workshop will be a deep dive into self, reflecting on how you are showing up as an anti-racist leader. We will: -Identify blind spots that are holding you back from being brave -Recognize how your actions or lack thereof are speaking about your anti-racist leadership -Practice questioning your intentions to discern between your collusion with whiteness or anti-racist leadership -Learn to use your power, position, and privilege daily to raise racial equity This workshop is for: -Persons identifying as White; this can include being white cultured (in other words, BIPOC who struggle to operate outside of whiteness). -People who acknowledge white supremacy exists and have an understanding of whiteness -People already committed to being an anti-racist This workshop is not for: -People actively against racial equity. If persons actively disrupt this workshop and behave in harmful ways – they will be removed.

Don't see a session that fits your schedule, send us an message to let us know you're interested in attending this course in the future.

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