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Word on the Waves

Adanna Abakporo, 

Equity and Family Engagement Facilitator

The self-love workshop was incredible, amazing, challenging yet satisfying! This workshop allowed me to be vulnerable and really think about how important self-love is especially when doing racial equity work. I appreciate the time I got to spend with the people in the workshop and I would recommend ANYONE to do this workshop. Tracy is amazing and will give you all the support you need!!

Celina Martinez, 

Writer, Educator

Tracy is an amazing and gifted healer and facilitator. This course was a blessing, not only for the way in which she created a safe and loving space for everyone to share their stories, but also for the way in which Tracy shared about her own experiences. She has a loving, non-judgmental approach to talking about difficult topics. I looked forward to the workshop each time!.

Brooke Garcia, 

Assistant Principal

Rooted in Self-Love gave me the tools to reflect deeply about my experiences, grow in my thoughts and gave me a community that allowed me to share and challenged me to learn from others. After leaving the session I felt a deeper sense of self and I felt affirmed in who I was. Rooted in self love gave me the strength to continue my work as a leader of color in place where I do not always feel like I belong. Shout out to Tracy for being such an authentic facilitator in the process!

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